Medical Problems

By: Bradley Rice


During the Victorian era there was really poor sanitation. In Victorian London the terrible sanitation was due to poor waste disposal. There were no sewers and bodily waste was draining through the streets, spreading disease. Food would be contaminated with bacteria, people would get bad cases of food poisoning and most likely die from it.


There were many diseases during this time in Victorian England. Diseases such as typhoid, smallpox, and scarlet fever. Smallpox would kill 400,000 europeans every year. Scarlet fever was common in children, if it wasn't for Sir Alexander fleming and his discovery of penicillin there wouldn't have been any antibiotics to treat the disease. Typhoid was spread by not washing hands after using the bathroom, it could be spread by cooking meals and by shaking someones hand.

Mental Illness

During the victorian era asylum were for people that were considered insane. To considered to be insane your behavior would have to be unacceptable to the social society. Crazy ideas or lack of productivity gave reasons for someone to be labeled mentally ill. The asylums allowed the male and female patients have areas to work in most areas of the asylum.


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