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Who Were The Dutch

Dutch people are from the Netherlands. There were many inventors like, Albert Einstein, no just kidding but there was Zacharias Janssen, inventor of the microscope and telescope.

The telescope was invented 1608, and the microscope was made 1595 with the help of his father Hans Lippershey. The dutch were very intelligent people, I mean someone invented things we basically use almost every day.


The Dutch quickly adapted to Canada. They mostly settled in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg but most of the Dutch communities immigrated to Winnipeg. They settled in three different periods of time the first period was from 1890-1940, the second period was from 1923-1930, and the third period was around the 1960's this was because of the World War. In 2006 30,310 was the population of Dutch in Winnipeg. The population of Dutch in Canada in 2011 was 1,067,247 people.


The queens day market is the celebration of the queens coronation which was April 30th 2013. Did you know that the Dutch would have a queens day there is stands full of food, festive things like clothes feathered hats and obviously clogs and also boat rides. Another traditions that the Dutch did was eating deep fried donuts on New Year's Eve they called it Oliebol.


the Dutch women would usually wear a nice long dress with a cap. The cap would usually be made of lace or cotton they would also wear aprons. A kraplap is like the bib a baby wears,they would sometimes wear a scarf and clogs. The Dutch men would usually wear a cap suspenders with a jacket over it with baggy pants.
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