Team Rector-Stay Anchored Challenge

Success is found in the little things...

A note from me...

Time to reboot your business and get back to basics? Sometimes it's good to remember why we started something in the first place. To remember the little things we did to get our momentum going and repeat those. Day after day, week after week. Remember, success is a result of small, purposeful actions we do consistently over time. That's what this challenge is all about. I hope you'll join me in taking on this challenge to be more purposeful (and less random), to be more consistent (and less of a procrastinator, and to be more persistent (and less excuse making). Not only will you be rewarded with your success, there are prizes you can earn along the way! YOU can take your business where you wanted to be from the start!!!

Earn spring products for booking, recruiting, and selling!

It's that simple! When you book and hold parties, add new team members, and increase your personal volume, it's always the result of being intentional with your business. We'll have a different focus for each month, starting with the home party. For each home party you book and close February, you'll receive one of the anchor products from the spring catalog.

1 home party = nail file

2 home parties=nail file and Littles Carry All Caddy or Mini Zipper Pouch

3 home parties=nail file and Zipper Pouch

4 home parties=nail file and Creative Caddy

5 home parties=nail file and Large Utility Tote

6 home parties=nail file and Anchor Tervis

Take a picture of the hostess and her friends at the party and post it on our team page each time you have a party. At the end of February, I'll send out prizes!

Keeping Track of your Progress!