President of the united states


Political Platform

  • We want to maintain our National Defense
  • When it comes to immigration: As long as they work and can support themselves, they should be considered citizens.
  • Healthcare should be affordable and it should be easier for everyone to have.
  • When it comes to criminal law, we believe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment that should not be used


Lawyer, U.S. Senate, Law Professor.

Born: October 20, 1972

From: Louisville, Kentucky

Gender: Female

Education: Attended Columbia University (majoring in political science), then went on to attend Harvard Law School.

Work Experience: Had many small jobs while she was in college, was a professor at NYU law school for 10 years, was a lawyer, was elected New York state senate, and was re-elected two times.

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I’m friendly and I’m smart, Dedicated and with a good heart.