The Sgan's baking business

Many helpful tips on baking cakes, and other things.

Things the baking business can make

The great baking business can make many things, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, and many more. My great assistant, Jack Sgan has a wonderful bread business and has been cooking and baking for 10 years. He has helped me very much in my baking, so i would like to congratulate him. Here are a couple of things him and I can make...






cake pops

and many more, and i cannot even name then because there are so many.

We'll deliver it to your doorstep if you leave a letter in our mailbox at 2077 Cantigny Way Tallahassee Florida

This paragraph is made by Jack my assistant

Hi i'm Jack Sgan and I'm Madeline Sgan's assistant. I am also her brother. If you leave a letter in our mailbox we will deliver your pastries, for no more than four dollars depending on what you order. Madeline and I are hoping that you will buy and enjoy our pastries. Thank you!