Anti Hoover

By Hannah Pennington

Hoover doing nothing

Hoover tried to reassure the american population that everything was going to be okay and that this was just a little bump in the road and it will be over soon. What hoover failed to do was just that though while he spent most of his time trying to reassure the american population most of the time it dint seem to be enough because nobody was taking action in the depression everybody was all talk. Hoover didnt think the goverment should intervene at all and should let them fix themselves. Hoover exercized Lazzie Fare and in result of this he didnt help many depression issues and when he did he exercized extream caution. Since Hoover did not want to interfere though he called for local charities and orginazations to help out. Hoover did not believe in any gocerment hand outs or support.

What should have happend

What Hoover should have done

Hoover should have taken more goverment action in the ecomeny at this time instead he decided to stay back and not interfer with anything. Hoover should have stopped his hard belief in Lazzie-Fare and tried to help the people of America that were suffering from the Great Depression.