Cassy Smith

My Life!

From Jackson, Mi.

Daughter of Bob and Barb Smith.

Middle sibling to my older sister Brittnee, and younger brother Westley.

Junior at Adrian College.

Language Arts Major- Elementary.

A part of the Adrian College Softball Team.

Why Teaching?

I have always loved being around kids. I spent many years babysitting and have always loved being able to see the way the kids have grown. I want to be the one responsible for the "Ahh ha" moment kids experience when they learn something new.

Also teaching runs in the family, My older sister is a Preschool teacher in Big Rapids, MI.

Lastly, I am newly an aunt and enjoy every minute of watching my niece Bryden grow.

My Musical Background

Elementary School:

Played the recorder in 3rd and 4th grade.

Choir in 4th through 6th grade

Middle School:

Choir for 7th and 8th grade.

High School:

I listened to all different types of music, but no longer was a part of any group or classes involving music.