Smore Part B

Sean Lyons


  1. There are multiple sources of energy that go into a rollercoaster like. potential energy. kinetic energy and conversion of energy.

  2. When you go up the climax it is conservation of energy when you get to the top it is potential energy and when you go down it is kinetic energy

  3. The changes are important because then the ride will be fun and so the can save energy because if you had a ride that was all conversion of energy then it wouldn’t be a good way to use energy.

  4. The difference between a wood roller coaster and a steel one is that a steel one can do loops and quick turns but a wood one can not and a steel one can go a lot faster.

  5. Roller coasters are built to be safe. The seat for an example has a thing that comes down can’t locks your body into place. so you can’t swing it’s brakes activate almost instantly and the computer chip that runs the rollercoaster will recognise a problem in a matter of seconds. Lastly the wheels on the rollercoaster go under the track so there is no way they can fall off.