Savannah W. , Amber D. , Dyanna C. , Paige I.

Grading Policy

The NISD grading policy is not preparing us for College because we have to many opportunities. Some opportunities that students take advantage of are retesting and making up late work as far as turning it in on the last week of the six week grading period. At Southlake, they're given a better opportunity in life and their future because of their stricter policy.

Dress Code

Students disagree with the NISD dress code because we're in high school and after high school we'll have to make our own decisions to make.

School Hours

School should start earlier, so that after school we have more time to finish homework and go to our jobs.

Block Vs. Traditional Schedule

Students prefer blocked schedule because then we have more time in each class and plenty of time to do outside of school work.
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Students should have a bit more tome to get to class because the school itself is over populated and there may be students whose classes are on the other side of the building.

As for attendance and being at school, we should not get as many chances to miss because in reality absence from work is defined as the failure of any employee to report to work when scheduled.