The Mustang

Parkview Weekly Staff Bulletin, December 13, 2021

Holiday Spirit Dress Up Days

Monday is Pajama day! Wear your pajamas (and rainboots!) to show your holiday Mustang spirit. Click this link to see the rest of the dress up days for this week.
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Field Trip Check List

Field trips are difficult to plan, and in this especially hectic year, some steps can be forgotten. Here is a checklist that you can print and save to help you in your planning process. A copy has also been placed in our Parkview Teacher Handbook (Google Folder)

Considerations for Holiday Activities

As we celebrate the holidays this week, consider socio-economic and cultural differences. Some students may not be expecting presents from Santa if they are living in a motel or homeless shelter, or their family is just simply struggling at this time. Projects that ask them to share what they want for Christmas or from Santa might have a negative effect on some students. It is wonderful to teach about different holidays and have fun with different holiday-themed activities. As you plan them though, just consider choosing activities that are inclusive of all of your students, regardless of religion, cultural traditions, or socioeconomic differences.

Holiday "Party"

With mask restrictions in place and the uncertainty of Omicron, most of us don't feel we should gather for a holiday party this year. However, we are working REALLY hard and want to take some time to connect and be social. Cristy and Cara will be hosting a zoom toast at 5:30 on Friday, December 17th. Log on with your favorite refreshment and join us in a toast to all of you, the hardest workers with the biggest hearts. We will add a zoom link to our calendar and place a flyer with information and the zoom link in everyone's box. We hope you can all join us to spread a little cheer!

Minimum Day

December 17th is a minimum day. All students will dismiss at 11:00 am. There will be no scheduled recess, but campus assistants will circulate to give teachers breaks starting around 9:30. Students will receive a sack lunch to take home. If you plan to have a holiday party in your class on this day, or any day, please let the cafeteria know now, so they can plan to make fewer lunches. Teachers must stay until noon.

Some thoughts on MTSS- adapted from Jeremy Resnick


A common refrain in the world of MTSS is that “you cannot intervene your way out of a Tier 1 issue.” Essentially, this refers to the reality that we all have limited resources of time, energy, people, and materials that can be made available for Tier 2 support. Remember that, typically, one would expect to see about 10-15% of students receiving Tier 2 support in any given academic, behavioral, or social-emotional domain. When we see numbers much higher than that 15% threshold, the answer generally is not more intervention but a re-examination of what is happening in Tier 1 to ensure that it is designed to meet the needs of all students. One powerful way of increasing the impact of Tier 1 instruction is Universal Design for Learning which helps us to design learning experiences that are accessible and meaningful for all students, rather than the mythical “average” student. Of course, the study and implementation of UDL take quite a bit of time, patience, and trial and error.

Another strategy that may help to refine your Tier 1 efforts and increase their effectiveness is to conduct a “time assessment” in which you compare the time you expect to spend on particular activities and the actual time spent on those activities. In conducting this type of informal and personal assessment, you may get a sense that there are areas of your daily routine that can be made more efficient or effective. Many of the resources in CHAMPS can help us to create routines that maximize our time. Additionally, you may want to consider to what extent students are engaged and actively participating in the learning activities you have planned. If it is much lower than 70%, the UDL Framework (especially the principle of engagement) may give you some suggestions to increase students' active participation. Finally, think about the level of feedback you provide to students on a regular basis. Namely, do 100% of incorrect student responses receive accurate and timely corrective feedback?

Frankly, Tier 1 can be the hardest tier to address and improve upon. However, if we put the time and effort into making Tier 1 instruction our very best, first instruction, we often find that we need to spend less time on intervention.

Staff Social-Emotional Check In

Click this link if you would like to share with Mrs. Comstock and Mrs. Burke how things are going.