Lipstick on a Pig:

PD that Brings Home the Bacon: ISTE 2016

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HMW Make Connections?: Mixer

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Round 1: Ding!

  1. What do you do by day?
  2. And night?
  3. What is your super power? (It has to be super!)

Round 2: Ding!

  1. Who are you/what role do you play on social media?
  2. Who are two must follow folks in your PLN

Round 3: Ding!

  1. What one book has had the most profound impact on your teaching/professional practice?
  2. What one book do you most wish you could discuss with the author? What would you ask?
  3. ___________ is my go-to handbook/guide for ____________.

Time to curate

1. Go here and make a copy of the Mixer Round Template (3 slides per person) and complete with your info
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Do: Visual Representation

Choose one!

  1. Make a meme that highlights one aspect of PD you'd like to change
  2. Relate one of these images to a frustrating part of PD
  3. Create a de-motivational ad for your next PD session

What could PD look like? Hexagonal Thinking

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What themes do we see in common?

As a whole group, we'll use the RED hexagons to identify emerging themes from your visual representations. (One copy per team!)

Do: Hexagonal Thinking with PD in mind

1. As a whole group, we'll use the YELLOW hexagons to dream about what PD could be. Each team will record one idea per hexagon.

2. As a team, use the BLUE hexagons to 'bridge the gap' between our present truth (RED) and the dream (YELLOW). One strategy per hexagon!

3. Connect the BLUE hexagons to the RED and YELLOW to create a hexagonal map, moving from present truth to our dream for the future.

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Free Time Exploration

  • Check out the other teams' hexagonal maps + Yes, and!
  • Bio break
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Books & Materials Exploration

Is it possible to over-innovate?: Thinking Routine

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Do: See, Think, Wonder

Culture of Thinking: Facilitated Discussions

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Cultural Zoology

Time Allocation - Baby Goats

Language Patterns - Alpacas (different than the large brown llama...)

Expectations - Hippo

Relationships - Donkey

Classroom Routines - Penguins & Polar Bear

Modeling - Zebra

Physical Environment - Skunk & Giraffe

Opportunities - Llama

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Do: Facilitated Discussions

  • Research assigned cultural force with group
  • What types of questions might encourage reflection regarding this particular cultural force?
  • Post your questions here
  • Facilitate discussion on cultural force using your group created questions
  • Time for individual reflection on cultural forces
  • Where to go for more.. #8culchat

HMW design & implement better PD? : Design Thinking Scenarios

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Design Thinking Scenarios

  • Work with your team to design a PD session for the following scenario....

Sketch/ Quiet Reflection Time

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  • HMW act on what we've experienced today
  • Share plans
  • Share- later when you do it

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