Aquamarine: The Goddess of Dolphins

By: Olivia B.

Aquamarine: The Trouble With Dolphins

Aquamarine: The Trouble With Dolphins

By: Olivia

Long ago, far out in the deep sea, lived a creature, like no other. She ruled the sea, with dignity, trust, and fairness. Her name was Amphitrite. 16 years later, she gave birth to a mermaid child, Aquamarine. She went to the temple of Juno, and begged for Aquamarine to be the Goddess of something that had to do with the sea. Juno said, “Your daughter will be the Goddess of dolphins. Now you may leave.” “Thank you!” Amphitrite cried. “I SAID LEAVE!” Juno boomed. They left.

When Aquamarine turned 15, her mother taught her how to rule over the dolphins. She taught her how to create dolphins for mothers to have, and she taught dolphin sciences. She also taught her how dolphins think they are the best, and how they hate mermaids and never want to be turned into them.

One day, four dolphins came into the dolphin goddess’s palace. Their names were Donnie, Dolphina, Dina, and Dan. As they were swimming, they were talking about how they could swim better than Aquamarine. “See who stands before you!” Aquamarine boomed. “I challenge a race!”

They raced, and Aquamarine won by a mile. “Change us to whatever you want.” They all admitted after they caught up. Aquamarine turned the into mermaids, and they were never seen again, but they still hide deep inside caves, under the sea.