Professional Support Services

Mr. Hayes, Northwest High School Counselor

Choosing The Type of Career

Mr. Hayes had already had experience teaching, and it was while he was a teacher that he took in interest into becoming a counselor.

Did you always want to work in the educational school system?

No, he was a pediatrician before but one thing for sure, he always wanted to work with children.

Career History?

5 year middle school coach

2 year high school coach

1 year teaching

11 year counseling

What educational background and certificates do you need for your current position?

Bachelors from A&M

Masters from UNT

Duties associated with counseling?

Counseling kids, helping to find scholarships and colleges

and improving the school

Being a Counselor

What type of characteristics and qualities should a person in your type of career posses?

Be nice, problem solver, plan head, be humble and get along with others

What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspects o your job?

working with kids and taking care of people

What are some negative aspects that you must deal with in your position?

frustrated people and every now and then misses teaching

Are there times of the year workload is heavier or lighter?

heavier around graduation and in the fall but normally all the time there is something to do

Do you have any desire to move into another position within the education system?


"Do it, its a great job, be open minded" -advice and words of encouragement for anyone who is considering becoming a counselor.

"Find a great job you like and you will always enjoy doing it."

Demands on Worker

Work Hours: normal school day

Travel Involved: none

Average Stress Level: (1-10) a 5

Amount of Teamwork Needed: alot

Level of self-motivation Required: alot