HR Update

May 2019

NEW***Summer Worker Orientation*** June 5 OR June 6

New and Returning Summer Workers need to attend one of the orientation meetings BEFORE they begin working. At this meeting we will go over District policies and complete the remaining paperwork. Training will be held at Central Services in the Auditorium. Current employees of the District do not need to attend. Look for more information to come to executive secretaries from Jaime Presor.

Contracts are due at the end of the day May 10th...

Please return signed or unsigned contracts to us as soon as you have them all. If you have any questions, please reach out to Sharetta at 1041.

Transfer Deadline.. May 31st..

Please make sure that you are sending up recommendations for your resignations and retirements now. The "area transfer deadline" has been extended to May 30th (except R1). So, interview and recommend those great candidates now before it is too late! Let us know how we can help. Don't forget to talk to your in district transfers as well! As a reminder --the May Board Meeting is May 21st. If you want your person approved at the May meeting, get those names in now. If you need help with the paperwork process, don't forget about the full tutorial:EMPLOYMENT RECOMMENDATION TUTORIAL . we mentioned in DLT, for all Future Recommendations — use Frontline on-line (HR will generate consent form from online recommendation for driver license and SSN directly to the candidate).

Summer Institute- Keep Reminding Your New Teachers as You Hire Them to Save the Dates...

Our 3rd Annual Induction Teacher Leadership Institute will be held from August 5-8, 2019! We'll be at Meadow Glen Middle School from 8:00-4:00 each day, and this event is required for all induction teachers. Save the Date cards are going out to induction teachers as they are hired, but it would be super-helpful if you would let them know, too. This is a great week of learning for our induction teachers!

In case you need other Summer ADEPT Training Opportunity Dates again....

Summer Expanded ADEPT Training (Registration Open Now!)


Look here for all the important ADEPT Information you need to know in one spot to wrap up the year...

Volunteer System Goes ONLINE for next year

  1. New Volunteer System-

  • Moving to online application to go live for the district on July 1, 2019

  • Paper forms will go away and everything will be electronic/technology-based

  • Send the name of volunteer coordinator to Shannon Williamson at

  • Meeting to discuss changes with all district Volunteer Coordinators on May 28, 2019, but if a change is made after this meeting, Shannon is happy to talk to your new coordinator about the volunteer process and train them individually