Anti Bullying Flyer

By Teresa Vartuli and Mia Bakersis

The Different types of bullying

There are different types of bullying.

The six most common types of bullying found in Schools are:

1. physical Bullying- The most common form of bullying. It occurs when kids use physical actions to get power and control over their target.






Strategies for dealing with bullying

There are many different ways to dealing with a bully such as:

- stay calm and positive

-never use violence as a resolution, try to talk about it

-express your feelings to someone you are close to so its not all bottled up inside you.

- block the user, report something you are uncomfortable and save the evidence of the bully

- ignore the bully because all it wants is attention

- be smart and aware of everything

- don't be tempted to bully back

-help others through there situation

The most important one is to show minimal reaction to the bully, never show that you are hurt or sad to a bully because it shows that the bully has succeeded.

Effects of bullying

Being bullied effects people in many different ways such as:

- low self-esteem

- negative, mental and physical issues

-depression, anxiety

-sadness, loneliness

-decreased academic skills

- loss of interests in activities they used to enjoy

- sleep deprived

Resources that help bully victims

There are many recourses that can help bully victims:

- there are activities to help build confidence

- online storys and information that informs you that your not alone and things will always work out.

- there are councillors and other people to talk to so you don't keep all your thoughts inside you.