Treasure Island

By: Robert Louis Stevenson S'more by: Pierce Farr

The book Treasure Island takes you on a an dangerous, adventurous, and exciting journey! On a boat filled with pirates and a dangerous jungle potentially filled with human cannibals! So if you want to read this book be prepared.

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Age Range= 14+ Grade Level= 8th+ Pages= 296 Publisher= Watermill Press, Mahwah, New Jersey

Quote Me

1. "With a face as big as a ham" - Jim Hawkins

2. "If he were Admiral Hawke he shall pay his score" - Jim Hawkins

3. "I was made to feel the threat of death that overhung me" - Jim Hawkins

Rank and recommend

1. If i were to rank this book against other four other books then I would do this. I would rank this book number one because it is very intriguing but is has old english so I would be careful. I havent read many books lately.

2.If you are interested in this book you may like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and King Solomon's Mine.

Complete Summary

Jim Hawkins is a young boy who works at a small inn, owned by his father. But one day a rude scoundrel comes into the inn and decides to live their. He insisted on being called Captain until one day he had major drinking problems, and then told Jim that his real name was Billy Bones.

One night a old blind man knocked on the door and asked to find Billy Bones. Next the old man gave Billy a small slip of paper that had a black spot on it! Then Billy was cursed and became very sick. While he was in bed he gave Jim a map that leads to Treasure Island! The next day Billy died and life just went on until one night Jim went to the house of Doc. Livesley who became very interested in Jim's treasure map. They decided that the would go on a voyage to Treasure Island. Then Jim said his goodbyes and rode to Bristol.

When they arrived they met Captain Smollet who was going to be the captain of the Hispaniola, the ship. Captain Smollet sends Jim to retrieve the ship's cook Long John Silver. On his way Jim saw many ships until he found the store that none of the sailors would enter unafraid. Jim simply gave the note from Captain Smollet to Silver and they both were on their way to the Hispaniola. When everyone arrived and was on the ship they set off for Treasure Island.

On the way Jim get hungry for an apple so he climbs in to grab one from a barrel and then jumps in the barrel for a hiding place. He jumped in because he head a few other people including Silver coming to the center of the room and start talking. Jim heard Silver say that him and the other crew members were going to take the treasure for himself and then kill the doctor and captain's followers. Then up on deck they all heard someone say land ho!

Jim went to shore with the crew and then ran in the oppisite direction and then heard some talking in the distance on see's Silver killing a honest crew member deliberately stabbing him with a knife. After that jim quickly runs into the forest and sees a figure in the distance. Alarmed Jim feared it was a cannibal and then realized he was armed with a pistol. The figure came closer and closer until the figure came to and Jim realized that he wasn't a cannibal Jim asked his name and he said Ben Gunn. Ben told Jim that he was marooned on this island two years ago.

Then Dr.Livesey realized that Jim went with the pirates to the island so they sent two boats filled with provisions and non-pirate crew including Dr.Livesey, Squire Trelawney, and Captain Smollett and more. Squire tried to shoot Israel but missed and shot another pirate. Then Israel shot a cannon ball and sunk the boats. But Captain Smollett and his crew still made off with half of the provisions and went into a abandoned stockade then cannons and rifle fire was going off through the evening by the pirates but no bullets or cannonballs could pierce the fort.

Then Jim and Ben Gunn come running to the stockade under fire by the pirates. Finally they make it into the stockade. Then without a moment's notice the pirates attacked the stockade man to man. Dr. Livesey was slashed by one of the pirates and had to return to cover. Then Jim went out and started killing some until they all retreated. The next day Jim went to search for the boat Ben Gunn told him about by the huge white rock. Jim finally found the rock and snatched the boat then brought it to the shore. Jim started paddling and then noticed that he had drifted south of Treasure Island. So he paddled as hard as he could to the north. After a ton of paddling he made it and could see the Hispaniola. So he paddled over and tied his boat to the ship although it was very hard in the waves.

After it was all done he went to get a drink so he climbed on to the boat. and then heard a smash and his boat had smashed into the Hispaniola. From there he knew escaping was now impossible! But lucky for him he only saw two men on board Israel drunk splashed with blood and a dead man lying down next to him. With israel drunk Jim told him that he was the captain and they sailed to the north inlet of the island. But Israel's drunkenness wore off and attacked Jim. Jim quickly climbed up the mast with Israel right behind him Jim pulled out his pistol and Israel threw his knife at jim piercing his shoulder and pinning him to the mast. But then Jim pulled the trigger on his pistol and Israel fell into the water!

Then Jim climbed down the mast to tend to his wound and shoved the dead body into the water Jim then decides that he can swim to shore now. He arrived at shore and then started trekking through the forest in search of Captain smollett's stockade. But accidentally ran into the pirates stockade and was taken hostage. The next day they went looking for treasure. They found a skeleton pointing towards the treasure without his knife which was strange. When they found the spot of the treasure it had already been excavated and their was only a hole in the ground. Then the pirates accused silver of knowing the treasure wa gone all along. suddenly gunshots went off and all the died except or Silver. Captain Smollett, Dr. Livesey, and the rest off the good guys ran in to save Jim. The next day Captain Smollett told Silver and Jim what they had done to trick Silver and then they all went to retrieve the actual treasure. When they were departing they noticed three pirates either drunk or they had gone mad. Captain Smollett decided to maroon the three pirates so he left them with provisions. Then they were on their way back to Bristol. When they arrived Captain Smollett officially retired from sailing, Ben Gunn spent his reward and became a lodge keeper, and Silver snuck out one night of the voyage home with a few bags of treasure and was never seen again.