Focus on.... Art

Ideas from a very creative subject

Year 9 - 10 hour programme of study and personal checklists.

Students in year 9 are currently completing sketch books in Mr Harrison's room. Examples of pages from their sketch books on individual artists are shown below.

Mr Harrison has been working on what the Art department are calling 'personal checklists'. These show students their final piece progress and provide an opportunity for two way dialogue and teacher feedback. Speaking to the students showed that not only they were using these but also saw the benefits of starting lessons this way. Pupils also set their own learning targets each lesson, developing their essential time management skills as well as setting challenging goals.

The teacher also checks student work, makes targets, stamps their work and gives verbal feedback to each student individually.

A collage of images to support a new project

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Emily Abberley leading year 8 into a study of Crewe/Cheshire

Emily has been working with year 8 on a project based piece of work all about the environment and in particular Cheshire and Crewe. Students were asked to think of words or phrases to do with Cheshire and Crewe for every letter of the alphabet. This was a very engaging and rewarding starter activity. It gave students a starting point for work on a sketchbook and collage of images for the environment around them.
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Ongoing feedback sheet - ideal for practical areas

Emily has been working with all groups on a way to provide feedback in practical areas. She calls this an ongoing feedback sheet. Examples are shown below and it provides meaningful and useful feedback to students without disturbing or harming their art work. Emily feels that this way of providing regular support would suit other practical subjects.

Literacy in Art and other practical areas.

Literacy has been a focus for Emily and Mark Richards recently. Emily has put together some great ideas and useful starter and plenary activities specifically for practical subjects. She has created a PowerPoint presentation for all to access and she will be updating this in the near future.

Look out for CPD on this for practical areas, led by Emily after Easter.

End of assessment booklets

The art department have been using end of project assessment booklets to record feedback and guidance for future projects. These are working well and highly recommended for other subjects. An example of one is seen below but feel free to ask Emily to see more and how they could be used.
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Could you try a concertina?

Year 8s starting their concertinas.

Students started to create a hand made sketchbook using a concertina folding technique with a long piece of card, pre cut by their teacher. The idea is to give students the freedom to be creative on each folded piece of card. This certainly could be used in inventive and creative ways in other areas of the curriculum, including media, geography, science and RE with ease. A simple but very engaging way of presenting work.

Resource wall - start of projects

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All three art rooms have resource walls for all year groups

By providing a starting point for projects, the art teachers are able to discuss styles, techniques and ideas to help students. This idea could be easily developed for all other curriculum areas, as long as there is space on a wall or door.

Amazing art using sculpture and the ocean.

The Amazing Underwater Sculptures Created To Allow Life To Thrive