Welcome Back to School

Dear Families

We are so excited to be welcoming students back to school for a full day of instruction starting tomorrow 9/1. Given the ongoing COVID reality that is impacting all of us, we will continue to always err on the side of caution and maintain strict safety protocols for masks, distance and sanitizing.

At this point in time the district is only providing the in person class option at schools and the Online Academy. There is still a waitlist for the Online Academy. The Online Academy will not be starting until September 8th or 9th. Please visit the website here for more information.

For families on the waitlist for the Online Academy, unfortunately the only options according to the district at this time are, in person at school, other virtual schools, home school or private school.

For students returning tomorrow below are the key points for our first day and all the new and returning systems.

School Hours are 8:40 - 3:00

Drop off and Pick up

  • Please do not park in the bus zone all along the east side of 77th ave.

  • Please be careful driving in front of the building on Raymond - it is very congested and students may be crossing the street

  • If possible please walk or bike to school. If you drive please park and walk your student to their grade level entry. Best parking is a block or so away from school.

  • Please don't pull in on the wrong side of the street to drop students off.

  • The driveway to the parking lot will be blocked and inaccessible during student arrival and dismissal (8:30- 8:50 and 2:50 - 3:15)

Arrival Map

  • 8:30 Marysville staff will bring breakfast to students outside

  • Students will eat breakfast outside while waiting to come into the building

  • Students should line up at cones with their teachers name on them

  • Staff will have class lists in the front of the school if you are unsure of the teachers name or where to line up

  • 8:40 students can enter building when done eating

  • Teachers will be at doorways greeting students

  • 8:50 tardy bell, students still eating move to front of building

  • 9:00 teachers take classroom attendance

  • Lion Safety Video

Dismissal - Bell at 3:00PM

  • 4th & 5th will dismiss one student at a time to exit building

  • K-2 students will remain in the classroom and Marysville staff will radio to the classroom when their family arrives

  • Please be sure that all approved pick up adults or siblings are on the student emergency list

  • Students waiting for pick up at 3:15 will be collected and brought to front of the building to wait

Health Protocols

Please complete the daily screening at home before coming to school.

Sick students should stay home.

Please let the school know if your child has symptoms and will be staying home.

If your child develops symptoms at school, we will contact you right away.

  • Symptomatic children will wait for families in the school symptom space.
  • We have rapid COVID-19 tests at school and with parental consent can administer the test.
  • Even with a negative test result the student will have to go home until the MESD nurse follows up with the family.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep everyone healthy and safe.