Take a PEAK

September 3, 2013

Theme Study

We are off to a great start! Fifth graders have been busy building their background knowledge about the brain. They have learned about the basic structure and functions of the brain through online resources, and nonfiction books. A new resource we are using this year is a classroom ipad. We found a really great app called "3-D Brain" that is loaded with information--and it's free! If you have a tablet at home check it out!!

We are also reviewing the note taking process, and how to efficiently use search engines. We had a great discussion today about how to determine the reliability of a web site. There are many clues--ask your child about them.


Students created a six word memoir. We can't wait to share them with you! We also discussed "grit" and how it applies to PEAK this year. Ask your child about their definition of grit.

Activity Centers

Math: Students are working on Level V Problemoids this year. These problems are complex and students may spend several weeks on one problem. Everyone in the class is working on problem #5. I told them this problem would test their stamina and perseverance. (in other words "grit).

Topic Study: Students have selected their topic and are building their background knowledge by reading books, visiting websites and taking notes. Today they learned how to take notes using Evernote. A great program to help students organize information.

Science: Students will be studying solar energy this semester.


Please remind your child to check their student email accounts. They have an email from me about their homework assignment. They are learning how to use "Dropbox". The email includes step by step directions. This is something new for all of us so we are experimenting at this point to see if it's an effective tool to use this year in PEAK. Please feel free to assist your child. I'm encouraging all students to give it their best shot. If your child is unable to complete the assignment, that is fine. They just need to be prepared to explain what gave them problems next week in class. :)