Novemember 2014

Brandon and Faith

Winter / Thanksgiving Holiday

Brandon has been doing really well. He continues to love his gymnastics class and is is doing forward and backward rolls. He walks up and down the stairs like a professional. He finally has his two front teeth. He also learned how to eat with a fork and is doing really well. He really enjoys being outside and is going much faster on his training bike. He is speaking more and more and his receptive language is ever growing , but continues to lack substantial expressive language. Brandon got his 1st haircut and loves his new Faux hawk.

Faith is also growing up so fast. She is now sitting well on her own. She loves to roll over both ways, but has not yet started fully crawling. She started saying "Dada" which warms our heart. She has started eating many different foods and really enjoys everything so far.

We traveled to North Carolina to visit family for thanksgiving. Both kids did really well on their first airplane ride. Brandon played really well with his cousin Archer and Faith got so much love and attention by all of our family members. We are so excited for our first Christmas!