Religious persecution

Blake Vonzurmuehlen


Palestine is a middle Eastern country that is very persecuting towards different religions in neighboring countries such as Israel which is mainly a Jewish country.

Push: to much negativity and fighting dangerous living environment

Pull: would leave to countries with more freedoms and positivity in them

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Ethnic persecution


Large country in Eastern Africa where there are violent ethnic combinations. Blacks and Arabs were very hostile towards each other, killing and fighting was very dangerous.

Push: very violent and hard living conditions life threatening fights and people

Pull: healthy and safe living environments in neighboring countries

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Environmental factors

Japan earthquake/tsunami

A very large under water earthquake that accrued off the coast of japan. It did dramatic and horrific damage to the country.

Push: completely destroy your living arrangements and may not be suitable for life

Pull:any available country with living arrangements and life oppurtunities

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Economic motives

Canada's free health insurance

Everyone would enjoy the oppurtunity to have free health insurance and in canada they have this.

Pull: won't have to pay fees and pay for there insurance

Push: the free insurance is over used and can cost you to have and un attended health issue

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Political factors

North Korea is a very controlling and communist country in the 21st century.

Pull: if you are a communist then you'd enjoy it

Push: terribly informed about the world poverty is high and living conditions and freedoms are very bad.

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Forced migration

Patrician of India

In 1947 India forced the Muslims and Hindus to separate Muslims went north into Pakistan and Hindus stayed south.

Pull: if you don't like the religous race that left the country

Push: makes you leave your life forcefully and you have to change your way of life

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