Inquiry Project

By: Marco Leal 3/6/15 Literacy, period 9

How does the media affect the choices of teens?

How the media affects teens and young adults

People all over the world interact with the media everyday whether its using a computer, watching TV or reading a magazine. Students who choose to watch More than 2 hours of TV on a daily basis show to have smaller vocabulary and lower test scores. Advertising and commercials also play a big part in teens such as the things they would want to buy because they see other people that they look up to.

Evidence and Elaboration

“If you watch more than two hours of

TV each day, you have a higher chance

of being obese”

This shows that teens choose to be lazy and

watch TV then to stay physically active

due to the media.

Teen health and the media

Since WW2 increasingly held up a thinner and thinner body image as the ideal for woman. In movies, particularly but also in television shows and accompany commercials when girl’s appearance is frequently commented on.
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Evidence and Elaboration

“Fifteen percent of young women have

substantially disordered eating

attitudes and behaviors.”

Teens who choose to be anorexic

or bulimic have a change in attitudes.

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Does the media negatively affect the media

Things on TV, movies, commercials, ads and magazines influence the the choices on teens such as violence, Sexual activity and body image and make them feel that these are all answers to their problems.

Evidence and Elaboration

“Teens are exposed to even more violent

images when they watch movies, surfing the

internet and playing video games in which brutality

is rewarded the result is desensitization to violence”

This means that teens who are exposed to violence

in the media cause them to think that violence is the

answer to any problem.


The media impacts the choices of teens greatly and negatively. The media causes teens to see violence as a problem solver, and unprotected sex as a common and good thing. The media also affects teens’ body image because when teens see people who are famous in movies or magazines they feel that that is the body that they must have in order to “belong”. Ads can also be a major cause of poor decision making for teens because teens buy products that they see many famous people wearing or using, which causes teens to want that product they feel is cool. Finally Test scores of teens and food diets are also an effect of teens choices due to the media influencing teens to not care about school and make them think that they will be more successful if they drop out and cause them to not even try in class. Also Teens are affected by the media in bad ways such as lowering their self-esteem and many teens eat tons of food to make them feel better but this causes them to gain weight and later feel even more bad about themselves.


Initial thoughts-

I would like to find out how the media impacts the choices made by teens. I choose this question because I am very curious to know how a teens choice would change before and after they had learned about the media. I already know that the media changes the choices teens make when buying clothing. I can kinda connect to the topic because I often wear a certain clothing if I find someone I admire wearing it.

Mid-research thoughts-

During my research about “How does the media impact the choices of teens” I discovered the many ways the media has made the decisions of teens change such as the clothing they wear, the people they talk to and the things that change their attitude. I had see the differences in teens choices after interacting with the media such as TV, Magazines, movies and music etc.

Post-research thoughts-

After all my research on how “The media impacts the choices of teens” I have learned many different ways on how the media has impacted the choices of teens from the clothing they wear to the way they act.

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