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Dear Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the students back to school after the summer holidays. Seeing their shining faces getting ready to be on toes with enthusiasm and energy is a heartening sight. The Middle school and Secondary school teachers also returned a week prior and underwent a detailed professional development session to welcome the learners into this exciting phase of the academic year.

The senior school learners sharpened their study skills with the support of their teachers before taking their cumulative assessments, a transcript of which help them get their university application process in order. While the seniors were busy with their assessments, the middle school learners honed their spelling skills through the Inter-House SpellBee competition. Moreover, after a gap of two years and Covid restrictions, the school finally commenced the mess facility for Bodhians giving nutritious breakfast and lunch, and bringing smiles back to their faces.

Bodhi is now gearing up for the first major Inter-School event of this academic year, ‘Bodhi Literature Fest 2022’, where students from schools across Jodhpur will come together for some interesting challenges in English, Hindi, and French. We have also constituted the ‘Gem of Bodhi’ award to a class positively contributing to the school milieu.

Students need to know that what they do today will determine and affect their future. Each one of them is talented in his/her own way with unique potential. Hence, it is our duty to look after their health, security, and confidence so that they believe in themselves, dream high, and chase their dreams.

Looking forward to sharing more about the wonderful experiences our learners have at Bodhi.

Brahmam Bodhi!

Chander Dev


From Primary Head's Desk

A Message for our Dear Learners and Parents

The academic year has well begun and as we forge ahead each day, we continue to experience remarkable growth and development.

We characterize ourselves as the 'Bodhi Family" wherein we see learning as an EduCreative process that nurtures each learner's unique set of talents, strengths and skill through a balanced Mind Body Soul Programme.

Dearest Learners, lets deep dive into learning with an innate sense of curiosity- thinking, engaging, questioning, wondering and at the same time, demonstrating versatility and resilience that enables us to appreciate not only our many commonalities but also our varied contrasts.

Let's strive each day to overcome barriers and use our gained understanding to care for, to value and to respect each other.

Dear Parents, we are privileged and honored to be your partners in this precious journey of hand holding our young learners and in endeavoring to promote a culture of learning, appreciation and understanding.


Happy Teaching and Learning!

Manya Jain

Primary School Principal/PYP Coordinator


Music: Students of Early Years sang in unison a range of songs and rhymes. They also explored and created sounds and rhythm patterns. They used their voice and body to create musical patterns while performing on simple musical compositions and phrases.

The Primary Years created foot tapping tunes on the Sweet Beats (Body Rhythmic patterns). They also learned how to handle the Instruments and learned about the different types of instruments (Wind/Strings/ Percussion).

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Sports: Students of the Primary Years were introduced to PE and Swimming classes to be physically active and healthy throughout their lives. This standards-based programme has been carefully articulated following a sound scope and sequence to enhance student learning and progress.

Students were introduced to different types of sports including Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Skating, Basketball and Swimming so that they can choose one sport of their choice and enhance their skills in that particular sport.
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Early Years: Blossoms- Under the big umbrella of Who we are, students are exploring Friends and friendship. Students tuned into the inquiry by sharing their immediate understanding of the word Friend. They also gave a drawing reflection about who is their best friend and why.

Through daily real life situations students are finding out more and more about friendship. Students are encouraged to become Buddies with the ones who have newly joined the school or the ones who are a little shy and take time in making friends. Everyday learning engagements help the students to learn various qualities that can help them in becoming a better friend and also maintain the same - like "taking turns while playing, sharing things when learning or indulging in play, not hurting anyone in any situation, using magical words, understanding of working in collaboration."

Students are also making connections with another inquiry, by including various stories that come up with a significant lesson about friendship.Students are becoming more aware of the related vocabulary.

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BUDS: Students inquired into the theme WHO WE ARE (Relationships).

They identified and recognized the concept of family. Students developed their understanding about family relationships. They drew reflections on their families and. They identified the concept of nuclear and joint family through a family tree. They have learnt what a safe circle is and its importance. They understood their roles and responsibilities in a family and their behavior has an impact on each other.

Seedlings: Under the lens of the transdisciplinary theme "Who we are." Students are learning about their physical characteristics, appearance, and development from infancy to toddlerhood. They are able to identify the similarities and differences between themselves and those around them. Additionally, they are learning that our external body parts serve a purpose and aids us in carrying out the everyday tasks. They are exploring their understanding of different sense organs through various educational engagements and real-world situations.

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Grade 1- Students inquired about living and non-living things under the theme Sharing the Planet. Students demonstrated their understanding of the central idea through a mind map. They went on a nature walk and participated in a Show and tell activity, through these activities they were able to make connections between different living things and presented it through the Venn diagram. Students participated in the Multilingual JAM fest wherein they presented their learning about different animal groups and demonstrated their communication skills as well. They prepared posters and made bird feeders to show their concern and motivate others also to be kind with animals.

Grade 2- Students explored nature through a nature walk while following the theme 'Sharing the Planet' where they observed different types of plants, how we humans and plants are interdependent, what actions need to be taken to conserve the plants. Also, scaffold-ed the meaning of Interdependence through different real-life situations. As the unit progressed they researched the flora of their region as well as different regions. They took action at home by making posters to spread awareness to ‘Save Plants’.

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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves change.

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves change.” - Elizabeth Lawrence

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Grade 3: Students Decoded the central idea of transdisciplinary theme 'Sharing the Planet' through Tuning in activity(Rocket writing on key word “habitat”) and had brainstorming session.Based on their research work regarding different Ecosystems, learners were able to understand that all living things are part of communities within particular habitat and how they adapt to meet the needs based on available resources .Students took actions which reflected that they are able to make connections between destruction of habitats and human’s responsibilities towards it.Learners showcased their learning through their summative assessment in form of creating Booklet,report writing,model presentation and changed their behaviour towards environment.

Grade 4: Students explored various aspects of the surrounding while following the theme “How the world works”. Students cumulatively through provocation derived the central idea and lines of inquiry.Students traversed their research through creative activity based learning and brainstorming sessions.Students displayed their gallantry through role play.In addition to this students incorporated performing arts. Students were taken on a trip to the science park to developed their social and communication skills.
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The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. ― Stephen Hawking

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“It is strange that only extraordinary man made the discoveries which later appears so easy and simple.” – George C. Lichtenberg

Grade 5: Students followed the theme “How we Organized Ourselves” and learned to prioritize their needs over wants. As the theme progressed they explored various topics like goods and services, types of goods and various types of markets. An activity was performed to teach the learners the law of diminishing utility. Students also participated in a Shark Tank activity where they presented their unique business proposals which they prepared. The students also learnt techniques and vocabulary of persuasive writing. They prepared posters in order to promote their business proposals.

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I can't think of anything I want and need that I don't already have but at the same time, I'm not sated. Ashley Judd

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Professional Development


PYP facilitators invested time in extensive Professional Development all through June. They explored various areas of learning and teaching such as Visible Thinking Routines, Extensive Planning, Jolly Phonics and Grammar, Inquiry as a Stance , Modes of Thinking and Differentiation.

It is imperative that we bring the best to all the stakeholders which includes Parents, Students and the School for which we have included Toddle as a platform to plan, communicate, share and communicate all under one umbrella. An orientation to the same will be facilitated for the parents in the month of July.

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

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