The Renaissance

By: Nicole Krishna & Angeli Patel

Everyday Life

The Renaissance was the time to be alive. After the spread of the black death, new ways of thinking and creating were invented and Europe started to convert from a time of depression to a time of great excitement and development. Along with the Renaissance came different styles of all sorts of things, such as; fashion, technology, and jobs. People also began to think for themselves too. In the Renaissance, new ways to govern became popular and soon gave the government and the people an equal share of power.

All about the Renaissance

The word "Renaissance" is a French word for rebirth. It started in Italy during the Renaissance trade improved, and more people were getting rich. Humanism was brought to life. Humanism is an understanding of the world based on human experiences, ideas, and thoughts. More jobs were create in the 200-300 year period. The Renaissance was developed from the medieval period.

Fun Facts!

1.) A competitive sport performed in Rome forces donkeys, buffaloes, and old men to race through the streets while spectators shout and throw mud at them.

2.) In the Renaissance, hot chocolate was invented before the chocolate bar. The chocolate bar was later invented in 1847.

3.) it was believed true that you could cure a headache by placing a tin pot on your head and then pouring melted lead into it.


Amputations- When a person's bodypart gets cut off

Beheading- Getting your head chopped off in public

Humanism- An understanding of the world based on human experiences, ideas, and thoughts

Medieval- Relating to medieval times, from about 500-1400 CE

Plague-The great epidemic of bubonic plague that killed a large part of the population of Europe in the mid 14th century

Stocks- Type of locking clamp used to imprison people


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