spain is a beautiful place to visit for a vacation

Spain's Delightful Food

You should try delicious tasty food, There is a breakfast for when you have time to stop and sit its called Bollos which is a warm roll with melted butter. Also for a delicious lunch for a sit with your family is a 3 course meal with a nice fresh green salad with chicken or some type of meat with a fresh cut fruit for desert. If you just wanted a small dinner because lunch wasn't enough then just eat a La Cena which is just a large glass of milk with an omelette. ALso if you think dinner wasn't enough to eat then get a snack called Bacadillo which is a small sandwhich.
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Wonders About The History/Art/Culture

If you wanted to know some historical/culture/arts there are many in Spain such as the famous paintings of the ceiling on this Library in El Escoral and Gayas statue in Fuede Todos. Also some historical facts is that the names on the wall of the Catholic church were resorted along with there privilege and armies from carthage in Northern America.
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The Scary and Adventurous Entertainment

If you were wondering what activities/entertainment we have because you want to know what they are cause your visiting for a vacation, some people wear red pants ,shirts, shoes, or shorts to attract a bull and they run through the streets. There is also weddings, birthdays, saints day, carnivals that go on symboling the final surrender.
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The Strange Historical/Landmarks

If you were interested in some facts about historical/landmarks in Spain. Spain is in Europe. The Greek's idea was to be spread and to study throughout traveling Europe. Two more things is that the fifth century Iberia was disturbed by the germanic tribes which they didn't . The other thing is that people think is cool is that around early 1100 B.C early immigrants from more advanced places introduced more new culture to other people.
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Interesting Interacting /languages

If you were looking for only certain languages, Spain has some. The most common languages in Spain is Spanish. It can get frustrating since people traveling on from region to another region may speak another language. There are four common languages; Castilian, Catulon, Euskera, and Gallego. Bosque is ment to be spoken throughout Western, and Central Pyrenees regions. Regional languages were favored during second republic and we watched of a Castilian.
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Crazy Weather and Climate

While you were packing to go to Spain here are some tips. Spain is one of the warmest countries you might have been in so far when you go. Spain also has a long lasting warm Mediterranean climate. If you actually count how many hours of sunlight during the winter and summer time it would be in a year it is 3,000. In winter and summer its also dry with an even degrees as well.
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