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The Marketing Landscape Has Changed


Let's face it, marketing is as difficult a challenge as it has ever been. The tried and trusted media of print, radio and television is loosing share to the fragmented vista of the digital domain. Even within digital, smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the preferred devise. The need for efficient and effective marketing has perhaps become more important than ever.


Beemolo, is a mobile, local search app for users to find businesses and organizations in Lawrence, Douglas County and Southern Leavenworth County, Kansas. Beemolo presents a complete and accurate snapshot of listing data and information. We believe people want and need the best available search network. Our retrieval information is very different from other search utilities available to mobile users.

Why is Beemolo different?

Our listing data base has been cleansed, qualified and verified. Many of our search system competitors "lease" access from Listing Aggregaters located all over the US. This geographic separation from the hyper-local markets that Beemolo covers is problematic for these Aggregaters. Simply put, the cue results they present are incomplete and inaccurate. The remaining competitors have assembled their own listing data but assign virtually no emphasis on the quality and management of that data. Their end game is composed of little more than the aquisition of information, be it right, wrong or indifferent.

Mobile Path To University of Saint Mary

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Marketing To HS Grads

Beemolo - High Schools Covered

Southern Leavenworth County

Basehor-Linwood High School

Tonganoxie High School

Douglas County

Baldwin High School

Eudora High School

Free State High School

Lawrence High School

Mobile First: A Marketing Approach

The marketing landscape has changed and companies are realizing that people are now accessing more content on their mobile devices than anywhere else. If you're inclined to believe financial analysts then mobile device ownership (smartphones + tablets) will trump PC ownership on a global basis some time next year. These are radical changes in the marketplace that are still slow to sink in with publishers, marketers and advertisers.


I'll reach out to you next week Laura to see if we can carve out some time to explore any common areas that would benefit your ongoing marketing needs. I would relish the chance to learn about your marketing victories and challenges including any experiences you may have with the mobile channel.

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