Pets and Such

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Pets Happy


All of the tips you will need to give your cat a happy life.

“Good Luck, You're Going To Need It”

When I say “Good Luck, You're Going To Need It” I'm not kidding at all. Cats are very hard to train because they are so independent and think of you as an equal. In fact, because you give them food every day, they think of you more as a “Butler”. So when training a cat, treat him or her like you would a brother or sister.
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“Butler, Fetch Me Some Of The Finest Catnip”

If I sounded like I was saying “No, don't try to train a cat, you never will” then you are not really getting what I am trying to say. It is definitely easier to train a cat, though, if you raise it right. If you don't have a cat yet, but you're planning on getting one, get a young one so you can make him or her see you as, not a master, but at least a big brother or sister.

“No, Really, Get Me Some Catnip”

Now lets get talking food. If you want to give your cat a happy life, never: give it veggies all the time, let it hunt for its own food, change its food up constantly, or let it eat non-edible items. This can result in: poisoning, heart-worms, more poisoning, stomach aches, or a nail in its stomach. The best way to keep your cat healthy and happy is to listen to what the cat experts tell you to feed your cat, but also change up their diet every once and a while. But remember to slowly change their food. try 1/3 the first week, 2/3 the second week, and give your cat all of the new food on the third week.


How to keep the wolf side of your dog away.

"You Smell Like Another Dog, Explain"

You have just bought a dog. You named him Jim. You feed him tasty things every day. You get a fence for him to run around in. But there's one thing missing. ATTENTION. Your dog will not be happy no matter what unless you give it ATTENTION. Make sure you take it on a 30 minute walk every day you can. If you can't then at least play with your dog for 30 minutes.

"Don't Do This To Me, I'm Claustrophobic!"

Now that your dog gets attention, make sure it stays happy by trusting it. If you play with your dog a lot but after you're done you lock it up, then your dog will feel betrayed. Its OK to buy your dog a kennel, just don't lock it up in there. Find better ways to keep your dog from using the restroom on your floor. Who knows, your dog may like a kennel.
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"Didn't you give me Pedigree yesterday?"

With food, dogs can get very exited. Because of animal instinct, dogs think they need to eat anything they can to "survive". That means that when they see something tasty, they break into a happy dance. So make sure you give them HEALTHY treats often. NOTHING like hamburgers or ice-cream. (some people actually do that you know)

Tiny Fuzzy Things

Betraying a living fuzz ball is pretty much a crime.

"Frank, I See A Giant, And I'm Pretty Sure This Is The End."

Do you want to scare your fuzzy tiny pet to death? Of course you don't! Then follow these rules and you won't!

1: Never be to loud or fast near them.

2: Don't lift them to high in the air.

3: Don't touch them too hard.

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"Frank, I`m So Bored I Think I`m Considering Breaking Out Of Here"

Now that you know what you shouldn't do, it will be easier to make them happy. The best way to keep your tiny fuzzy things happy is to change up their cage or container lots of times to make sure their constantly exploring and that will mean that their never bored. Also, when customizing their cage or container, make sure you don`t cover them up. That might result in suffocation.

"Frank, No, Wait, Never mind"

Thanks for reading, and I hope you now know a lot about Pets and such!