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Mixtape108 Mission

Mixtape108.com is setting a new standard for the way music is being promoted and delivered. Mixtape108 was created as a remedy for major radio stations not supporting the up and coming artists that put in enough work to be heard. mixtape108.com is an internet radio station accessible 24\7 via mobile device or computer. Users don't have to download any app with Mixtape108.com; just log on and tune in. “108 because 108 is the end of the fm bands on your radio. Where traditional radio ends, mixtape108 begins,” says CEO Philip Begnaud . Mixtape108's CEO has an impressive range of experience between corporate marketing and entertainment. Mr Begnaud's work credits include Universal, Dream Works Records and Proctor & Gamble among other corporations.
Staff are all highly skilled music marketers, producers, and engineers who took no salary and worked hard because mixtape108.com was needed. Programming is centered around underground artists that listen and contribute. Artists submit up to 3 titled mp3s via email and are immediately considered for rotation. "Our brand is driven by blogs, sites like urbanpushmovement.com, events, facebook and twitter” says VP of Marketing, Cory Angelety. Mixtape108’s mission is to provide artists a global platform without the hassle of corporate influence. "I envision mixtape108 to be the conduit of hip hop world wide. All potential artist deserve to be heard...at mixtape 108 we want to help the world hear them." - Philip Begnaud

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