Cantlebary's Cubs' Newsletter

Week of February 15, 2016

Notes from Ms. Cantlebary...

  • In an attempt to make less copies, use less paper, and to increase the number of parents who read the newsletter, I've decided to go digital. If you still need a paper copy, please let me know. The digital format will allow me to link to digital resources like our website and calendars.
  • I hope to see you Thursday night at Woodland's Family STEAM Night! I'll be helping near the Star Lab for part of the night then Langston and I will head out to explore the awesome activities. If you haven't signed up, send in the pink form sent home with your child last week on Tuesday.
  • Send in your Box Tops this week. The contest ends this week!
  • Information about our spring field trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden will go home soon. The field trip will be on March 25th. If you are interested in chaperoning on our trip, please contact me via e-mail.

Spelling Words

List One:

by, my, fly, try, sky, any, many, baby, tiny, cozy

List Two:

crispy, ninety, thirty, story, crazy, study, apply, library, supply, gravy

Weekly Itinerary


Students continue to receive reading homework. Please make sure your child reads their book every night and returns to school with their book the next day. We will focus on using nonfiction text features. We will also discuss information we get from the pictures versus the information we get from the text. See below for the self-monitoring reading strategy we're learning and using this week!

Language Arts

This week we continue our unit on opinion writing. Students begin to write a review to convince others to read their favorite book. We will also introduce indefinite pronouns (anybody, anything, something, no one, either, another, etc.).


Phonics this week will focus on the vowel y. We continue to review previously taught skills.


We will continue to study time to the hour and the half hour. We will also talk about what times are considered the morning, afternoon, and night. On Friday the number detectives will solve time mysteries.


We finish our unit on weather this week. We will finish our STEAM projects and record, watch, and reflect on our weather forecasts. Forecasts will be uploaded to our website so you will be able to watch them when they are complete.

Try It at Home!

We have been working on our self-monitoring skills (making sure we read words correctly, remember what we read, and understand what we read) in reading.

This week students learn about the Retell and Jump Back In! reading strategy. The steps are simple.

Did Your Mind Wander?

If so....

  1. Stop yourself! Tell your mind "I'm not going to think about that now!"
  2. Retell what you remember
  3. Jump back in at the last place you remember

Langston Lionceau

Langston spent Valentine's weekend with Ms. Cantlebary. Next week he will go home with a student.

Ms. Cantlebary

Stop by our website for more information and e-mail me if you need me.