The Fast and the Furies!

Week Three Update!

Coach's Corner!

No Doubt - I am one proud coach. Not just for our win today, but with the skill that they showed. Every single player has shown such improvement in just two weeks and we are unified as a team. Our hard work and practice is paying off! Passing, staying in position and winning 50/50 balls are what we have been working on in practice and you can see it!

Skills we will focus on this week: moving from passing to crossing over the ball, maintaining our positions and knowing when to shift with the ball and winning the 50/50 balls and then passing it to our teammates.

Way to go, Furies!!

Furies in the Spotlight!

Our little ladies are turning into quite the soccer players! Here is coach's comments on each player. Great job, Furies!

#1 Juliette: played her heart out, despite feeling under the weather. Juliette attacks the ball and does not back down. Juliette has boundless energy and is always positive, both on and off the field. Woo hoo, Jules!

#2 Anna: Anna stepped up as goalie for the game and made some awesome plays and
saves in the net. She knew when to come off her line and was quick in re-
starting the plays. Thank you, Anna!

#4: Jenna: showed great skill on the ball, played her position well and opened herself up

to create many opportunities for her and her teammates. Yahoo, Jenna!

#5: Catalina: another solid performance. She has an amazing read on the field and does

not back down. She had some great kicks and plays! You're a star,

#6: Lauren: What a game! She is becoming a true Striker. She stayed up front, moved
side to side and dropped back and helped when needed. Truly a wonderful
game! Thank you for your energy, Lauren!

#7: Irene: What a defender! She stepped up every single time the ball and the other
team came her way. She cleared the ball effortlessly and really showed
understanding of her defensive position. So proud of you, Irene.

#8: Meghan: Has improved in her passing game and continues to show leadership and
heart on the field. She plays her position well and is not backing away.
Super proud, Megs!

#9: Allison: Great game! Allison was where the action was and did not back down from
the ball. Her confidence is building and she made many impressive plays
today. You are awesome, Allison!

#10: Brenna: huge contributions today to our win. She played well, passed the ball well
and fought for the 50/50 balls each time. She is getting a great read on the
field and shows great energy. You rock, Brenna!

#11: Tessa: where to begin? Tessa showed such a solid performance, attacked the ball
and refused to give up when defending the ball and the goal. She came out
HUGE and did not give up the entire game. Woo Hoo, Tessa!

You ALL showed amazing heart for the game and for each other. Super proud of us a team!

Next Game - Sunday, October 4th at 1:00pm against The Ringwood Riptipdes

Our next game will be here before we know it! Here is the information:

HOME - Turkey Brook Field 2B at 1pm

Warm-up will begin at 12:30

We will be wearing our RED Jersey's but please bring black in case!

We are looking forward to another exciting game. Go Furies!