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Do you love suspense or action? If so then look no further than the heart pounding fast paced book of The chronicles of Vladimir tod.

This book begins with vladimirs teacher john craige running for his life through the woods of the town of bathory. He is being chased by a vampire named d'ablo. The main character of this book is vladimir tod. Vladimir is half human half vampire and the only one of his kind.D'ablo is a member of the elisian council of vampires who enforce vampire laws within the human world.He is searching for vlad because they see him as an un pure abomination.

Vladimir tod is no normal vampire. He can walk in the light and he shows up in pictures because he is half human.Vlad does not feed on humans like other vampires. Vlad gets his aunt to bring him bagged blood for him to consume.Vlad has not had an easy life and it is not getting any easier.D'ablo does not only want want to find vlad he wants him dead no matter the cost but he is also in search of vlads father Tomas who suspiciously 'died' in a house fire when vlad was a child.

Vladimir lives with his aunt nelly and she is one of two people that know vlads secret.

he is lead to belive his parents have been dead since he was young but he gets suspicious when his english teacher goes missing . vlad decides to investigate with his bestfriend henrey who also knows vlads secret.Henrey is actually valds drudge and has to follow his commands.He finds clues on his parents death and his missing teacher and hes trying to put all the peices together while at the same time protecting his secret and life from the wrath of the vampire councile. This book is very intriguing and gripping and I could not put it down if you like action this book is for you !!

Vladimir Tod 8th Grade Bites