Earth's second form Lukemiss.

The perfect planet

It is a perfect planet where you can live.

It is just 3 solar systems away the perfect planet Lukemiss. It has a blue star so it will last longer then us. It is on a 30 degree angle tilt Axis. It will be a hotter summer but there will be a colder winter. The year will be approximately 58 years. Because its revolution is 58 aus away. Also the gravity will be a little stronger. It has the features of earth besides the days are a little longer. It has volcanoes plate movement water and producers. Each season will be about 14 and a half years long and they will be way more extreme. Your weight will be 1.3 times your actual weight because the planets mass is 1.3 times as big. It will be approximately 10 degrees warmer during spring and fall because the sun is so hot. There is 4 moons so the tides are huge all the time. There is huge volcanoes and it is amazing to see. Also there is more food over here some come over to Lukemiss a.k.a earths second planet. You won't regret it.