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It is next to impossible to get your choice of MBA institute without proper guidance and coaching (unless you are aiming very low). You would often see students with high percentiles being featured in magazines of various coaching institutes. The hard work of the student is the most important factor, but the training he/she received from the coaching institute cannot be ignored. Hence the decision to choose a coaching center plays a crucial role in your success. Consider the following points:

1. Faculty:

There are different teachers at different branches. You would always find seniors who have taken MBA coaching classes previously. Ask them about the quality of teaching at their respective centers. Ask for a demo class if possible. When I was preparing for entrances to take admission in an MBA college in Delhi, I enrolled myself in the nearest branch. That proved to be a bad decision. Learn from my experience and choose the branch having the best faculty, however inconvenient it is for you. No pain, no gain!

2. Study Material

Have a look at the study material of various institutes. The more understandable it is for you, the more you would gain out of it.

3. Backup classes

Do a detailed research before deciding. Ask them if you would get a backup class in case you have to miss a class. Also ask if they would give personal sessions in case of doubts. These small things make a big difference.

4. Batch size

Try and choose that batch that has less number of people. It is easier to ask questions in a small batch.

5. Fresh batch

Always go for a new batch. Don’t choose an ongoing batch unless they are ready to give extra classes to cover what you missed.

If you want to take admission in a good Delhi business school having various MBA courses, it is essential to take training from the best people available. Make your choices carefully. Best of luck!

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