sketchy playground

Define the problem

we are trying to design a playground for kindergarden kids that is safe but yet fun for them to play on. Its going to have a slide, monkey bars, swings and and a tunnel. I really like monkey bars a a kid and Dawson really like swings so we are going to make sure that they have them.

test and evaluate

we have tested this playground and this playground that we have built is pretty safe we have found out that it would work better with higher aged children like 5th graders and up but will work and also be safe with littler elementary kids as well.


We would sell our playground to a company by explaining that kids like certain things and that they are attracted to bright colors like on our playground. Also we will explain to them that our playground has some positive's of our design like safety and key elements that kids enjoy. But we also have some negatives as well and they are monkey bar height might be a little to much for smaller children in the elementary school and the railings need to be higher than what we have put the.
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