Welcome to 6th grade

you will have fun

Hickory Hills is the best school ever and you are going to love it.
Travel binder You will have 1 hour 2 3 4 5 6 and 7


stuff for class

and homework

Classroom Rules

6th grade

Welcome to 6th grade you will have the time of you life ( or not).

Strike System

You will start the Strike System in 3 quarter. If you are not prepared and don't have your work done. If you get 10 strikes you out you get a big study hall and you don't get to be in the 6th Olympics.

No phones in class

No phones in class

When you have your phone in class you will get in big trouble. If your in MAP testing and your phone goes off it will reset all test's in the class.


It is really scary on the first day of school some people you don't even know. But you will eventually become there friends.

Respect your teachers

Teachers care about you a lot and they love and want to keep you safe. They give you respect all the time so you should to.