Correia SSC / SGT Elections 2022-23

2022-2023 Ballot for School Site Council / Site Governance Team

Dear Parents,

The School Site Council (SSC) is the group that develops the school site plan in alignment with budgets including the Local Control Funding Formula and Title I. Correia is no longer a Title I school so we do not have funding in this category. Our SSC is combined with our Site Governance Team (SGT) which oversees programs and serves to inform the SSC decision-making body. Parents make up 50% of the SSC and 30% of the SGT. This year there are three open 2-year positions on the SSC/SGT that are open for election. We have three nominees for the committee...Elissa Hoehn, Cari E. Philpott, and Andrew Zlotnik.

Please read the nominee bios...

Elissa Hoehn - Elissa is an instructional designer and corporate trainer for BMS Cell Therapies, creating training courses for biotech manufacturing teams who create cures for blood cancers. She works east coast hours and is available every day after 2 pm to attend meetings and help at the school, as needed. She has been an active parent volunteer at Silver Gate, Dana, and now Correia. Leading the Harvest Festival, Steam Festival, Gator Night Out, co-chairing the Gator Run at SG, and co-chairing Movie Night at Dana. She served on Dana’s SSC and SGT and was part of the team of parents who successfully updated and revised the Dana dress code cooperatively with the teachers and staff at the end of last year (the first group of parents in 13 years to request a subcommittee to make significant changes to the discipline/dress code). Elissa commits to listening to the needs/questions of parents and to representing and communicating with the Correia community as best she can.

Cari E. Philpott - Hi Correia Community. My name is Cari. I’m going on my 22nd year as a prosecutor for the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. I have served on the SSC/SGT for 8 consecutive years at SilverGate Elementary while both of my kids went through, and for 2 years at Dana Middle School. I’ve been the Chairperson for both and am proud to have been on the board at Dana when the dress code was finally modernized. I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue to contribute my ethics and passion for our kid’s education at Correia. My daughter Jade is in 7th Grade and my son RJ just started 5th at Dana. Thank you.

Andrew Zlotnik - Andy is the parent of twin 7th graders at Correia. A San Diego native, he is the principal of a law firm that specializes in commercial real estate and corporate transactions. In addition to his legal work, Andy is the general partner in a hospitality company that owns bars and restaurants in San Diego. He currently serves as the head of the finance committee for the board of the Emilio Nares Foundation, a non-profit that provides transportation to children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Andy served on the SSC and SGT at Silver Gate and SGT at Dana.

Please select three candidates below.

Please vote by Thursday, September 15, 2022

Thank you for VOTING!