PGLibrary-in transition

A proposal for PG Students during the move!

Kids deserve a strong school library program...even during the renovation!

We BELIEVE in what the PGLibrary does for teaching and learning! We need to provide the following at EACH of the temporary locations:

  • a PHYSICAL "GO TO" SPACE for teachers/students
  • a "GO TO" PERSON to manage borrowing, ordering, purchasing books
  • process for "ON DEMAND" and "ON SITE" searching
  • variety of formats, levels, genres, and topics of books
  • 365/24/7 access to resources via virtual platform
  • opportunities for meaningful student leadership (iStaff)
  • Programs to encourage interest in literature

The PG Library Team (staff and iStaff) suggests the following:

  • Provide a PHYSICAL space at ALL LOCATIONS (including St. Mary's) to empower book access and support
  • Provide a VIRTUAL platform via District website, LIBGUIDES, ebooks, Symbaloo, online audio books, and subscription services with access at all locations and at home
  • Provide accessible storage for books to be retrieved "on demand"
  • Provide on-site storage for books to be viewed/accessed in person
  • Provide library staff (TA and Librarian) to integrate instruction, collaborate with elementary and HS libraries, AND manage all of the above services for students and staff for all 6 locations