Lobo Library FAQ

Mission Statement, Policies, & Rules

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Chavez Lobo Library is to create a safe space for learning and to provide access to materials and resources to cultivate conscious, self-aware individuals who can communicate at the collegiate level creating a generation of citizens that improve the world.

Library Hours

Before School

Monday to Friday,

7:45 am – First Bell

Open during class time and lunch

Student must have written permission from a staff or faculty member:

Student Name, Time/Date, Objective, & Staff/Faculty Signature

After School

Monday to Thursday,

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Chavez HS Banned Book Window Display

Q: Can you have club meetings in the library?

Answer: Yes!

Teachers, student clubs and organizations can use the library to host meetings or classes.

Look for Ms. Saldivar or a student library assistant to help you reserve space.

Q: How long can I keep the books I borrow from the library?

Answer: Read about our Book Check-Out Policy below

  • Students may check out up to five (5) books at a time.

  • Books are checked out for two weeks, and students may renew for more time, if necessary. (This includes eBooks and audiobooks.)

  • There are no late fees, but lost or stolen items must be paid for.

  • Magazines and reference materials are for in-library use only.

  • When browsing for books, please do not place books back on shelf, leave on top of shelf and staff will return books to its original place for you.

Q: Can HISD students check out books from the Houston Public Library?

Answer: YES, HISD has a partnership with the Houston Public Library.

Students have 24/7 access to pre-approved, age-appropriate, online HPL materials which they can access through the HUB.

Use your HISD student id to check out books and resources at any of HPL’s 43 library locations.

Also: HPL will not collect overdue fines. However, students are responsible for a $10 fee per lost or damaged book.

For more information on the student Learning Link account, visit www.houstonisd.org/learninglink.

Student Login Instructions:

Student Login: First letter of last name and student ID number.

  • Example if student’s last name is Garcia: G123456
  • Example if student’s last name is Martinez: M987654

Password: Four (4) digit Pin comprised of Student’s Birth Month and Birth Day

  • Example if student’s birthday is July 31st: 0731
  • Example if student's birthday is Jan. 1st: 0101

Q: Does the library have Book Fairs?

Answer: Yes!

The Lobo Library holds a Book Fair in the Fall, before Winter Break and another in the Spring, before testing in May.

We also have recently hosted a grapic novel/comicbook fair right after Winter Break.

We also like to host many literary events throughout the year, such as bringin authors to have a book talk or other public speakers.

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Q: Can I register to vote in the library?

A: Yes!

Ms. Saldivar is Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar (VDVR) and can register anyone eligible to vote. She can also help you update your voter registration information if you moved. Ms. Saldivar will also help you find the closest poll location for you to vote on every Election Day (she'll even give you the weather forecast!)

The library will host two voter registration drives (Fall/Spring) to make sure we are all registered to vote.