there cute and cuddly

Cats can be mean and nice. When they are mean they bite and scratch."One time Chloe's cat named Ava bit my baby brother named parker," said Chloe. Ava will purr when you pet her for a long time. Ava will only scratch and bite when you mess with her. One time my cat also scratched chloe's baby brother because he was laying on her head and he was hitting her,so Ava bite and scratch him on his arm and leg." my cat can be nice by going up to you and laying on you,and putting her head on you." said Chloe"when ever you scratch under her neck she will lay her head on your hand." said Chloe

Choosing your Feline

Best food for your Feline

Bule Buffalo is the best cat food to give your cat, because it is 100% organic,and you cat will live longer life. Blue Buffalo is a brand for cats and dogs. They will love Blue Buffalo it has meat, fish for your cats etc. You also should buy this because it is pretty cheap for being the best band, some of the other cat food cost more but still Blue Buffalo is the best. Blue Buffalo a famous brand for your cat and dog because it is 100% organic.

Caring for your Feline

Once you get a new cat you should put it in one roomful at least 2 minutes, then let explore around and that way,it knows its way around the house. You should feed your cat when its food is almost gone, you now should give them water when their water is getting low or dirty, you should give your cat a flea bath even if they don't have fleas, you should also give them a bath every week, but cats mostly lick there selves.