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July 2022

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What a great and busy time we have had - 2 sports camps, HM Rage and Refresh all happening in one month!

In July we have another sports camp and Turangawaewae leadership camp coming up. Check out the Turagawaewae video below for more information..

Turangawaiwai Overview Promo


Dear Tōtara Springs Family


A few weeks before our new “Refresh” Young Adults Camp, we had 15 people registered, then 25…I thought, “Well if we make it to 40 that would be a great start”. Little did I know God had other plans as heaps of registrations came pouring in and when we closed regos 10 days out we had 217 registered. It was such a blessing to see youth workers and those who are used to serving come to a place where they could be ministered to. They all said that there just isn’t much out there for their age group in the church community today. After youth group, they just kind of get forgotten. It was so “refreshing” to see them connecting, worshipping and learning together as a community.


Our new staff housing has the first bit of concrete drive poured, just a few more niggly bits, and some fencing and they will be ready to go! A huge thanks to all the contractors, volunteers, and team members who have put a huge effort into getting these houses ready.


Last October we had a week long day camp lined up with Raleigh Street Christian Centre and two days before camp was to begin COVID reared its ugly head and we had to cancel. We are excited to announce that we are back on for this October. It’s going to be great to see it finally come to fruition.

I’ve recently been in contact with New World Ventures (formally Latitudes) to see if we can get some overseas volunteers back at TSCC. After several interviews it looks as though we will have three 18 yr old girl volunteers from Germany! We are excited to host them at the Springs and will enjoy have a few extra hands on board to help with the workload. We’ll have lots of school groups over the coming months and we need all the help we can get.


We are in need of 3 cooks and a catering assistant. Without these positions filled it is going to be very difficult to cater for the groups in the coming months. Thankfully, we’ve had help from other camps, volunteers, and past staff who have helped to fill the gap these past few months. I’ve been spending time in the kitchen myself these days just to make it all work. If you know anyone with experience catering for large groups please send them our way! They can apply from the “Get Involved” tab on our website.

Please consider joining others in becoming a monthly donor to TSCC. Even $50/month could make a huge impact on the daily expenses to keep the lights on and the grounds looking beautiful. Also, If you are interested in helping with the prayer-activation & donor-raising-event opportunities, please contact us

I roto i a te karaiti anake (In Christ alone)

Chris Kinman - CEO

Brian Future Projects
Donation Opportunities

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HM Rage was a huge success with over 500 youth attending. Inspirational messages, amazing praise & worship and way too much fun going around. The HM Rage crew did an outstanding job with the planning and set-up of the event, definitely giving the attending youth a life-changing experience that they will never forget. See below one of the highlight videos from the HM Rage camp for 2022.
HMRAGE Saturday Morning 2022

REFRESH (Young Adults Weekend)

Refresh with 217 young adults enjoying the long Matariki weekend. -

“Making Space -

for God in our busy lives

for ourselves to recharge

for joy in our relationships again

to serve and bless others"

“He who refreshes will himself be refreshed.”

- Proverbs 11:25

“Honestly, the best camp I’ve been to (heart face emoji) so many passionate young adults in one place, so keen to connect with one another and with God! The worship was so beautiful, the messages are what the heart needed to hear, and the fun through the roof! Ahhh gonna miss this place and the people so very much! But for now, so grateful for the experience and love that was felt and created in that space! Till next time:) -Annalia Morton
Refresh 2022 short highlight


We have had 2 very exciting Sportscamps in the month of June and is looking forward to the rest coming up in July, August and September. Below is a highlight video from our Waikato Sports camp.
Day 3 Sports Camp Waikato 22


WELCOME: We are very excited to welcome Emily Symington to our Housekeeping team this month here at Tōtara Springs!

VACANCIES: We are still looking for 3x Cooks and 1x Catering Assistant to join our Catering Team as well as an Internship and Programme Coordinator to join our Ministry Development Team.


The month of June has been busy for the Interns.

First up was HM Rage on Queens Birthday weekend. The Interns ran the Amazing Race for around 18 teams, where they had people wading through rivers, climbing walls, crawling through a mud pit, eating dry Weet-bix and finishing off with a foam machine. They got to listen in on an amazing speaker and help make HM Rage run smoothly behind the scenes.

On June 9th was the annual Totara Springs Staff Thanksgiving. The Interns helped set up the dining room for all the team and families to enjoy. We had a Lip Sync competition which Kiana, Ethaniel and Hayden won, taking home the Thanksgiving Cup.

The rest of June was spent visiting CYC camp, and helping with Sports camps.

They all got a chance to ref, score and help make the sports camps run smoothly.

We are so proud of our interns and how they are taking on every challenge that comes their way!!

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The concrete driveways and patios have finally been poured around the new staff houses and there are lots of excitement going around to see who will be the new tenants to make these houses their new homes.

We had our Annual Thanksgiving here at Tōtara Springs - A tradition that Chris and Lindsay started in 2020 to celebrate the Tōtara team, camp and everything to be thankful for. To spice it up we had Italian themed food prepared by Lindsay, Chris, & Brian and our lip sync battle to go along with it. The Tōtara interns won the Lip Sync battle with their spectacular dance and lip syncing performance.
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  • Prayer for Margaret Gillingham and family with the passing of Howard Gillingham (Alf Gillingham's son, one of the founders of Totara Springs).
  • Prayer for the vacancies at Tōtara Springs to be filled with the right people who share the same values and faith in Christ.
  • NZ youth to seek God's Face rather than turning to the wrong Worldly things.
  • The community of team members here at camp and the community of campers, families, board members and Trusts like, Lichfield, Hillview, & Soul for their constant support during these ever-changing times.
  • Praise for the Joy of our Lord to fill our lives - The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.
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