Moon Tide's and Phases

By: Johnathan Neal


Did you know that the moon controls the waves on the earth. That's why sometimes the water is close to the beach and sometimes far away from the beach.

Moons Tides

The moon's gravitational force pulls on water in the oceans and stretches the water out to form tidal bulges in the ocean on the sides of the planet that are in line with the moon. The moon pulls water on the side nearest to it, which causes a bulge toward the moon. The moon pulls on the Earth slightly, which drags the Earth away from the water on the opposite side, making another tidal bulge there. So, the areas of the Earth under the bulge experience high tide, while the areas on the thin sides have low tide. As the Earth rotates underneath the elongated bulges, this creates high and low tides about 12 hours apart.

The moon also stabilizes the Earth's rotation. As the Earth spins on its axis, it wobbles. The moon's gravitational effect limits the wobble to a small degree. If we had no moon, the Earth might move almost 90 degrees off its axis, with the same motion that a spinning top has as it slows down.

Moon's Eight phase's

Did you know the moon has eight phases and goes through these phases in less than 30 days. These are the phases. 1 is the New Moon you can't really see it, 2 is the waxing crescent it basically 1/4 of the moon shown, 3 is the first half like in the name you see half of the moon, 4 Waxing Gibbous that is 3/4 of the moon shown, 5 is the Full moon so you see all the moon, 6 is the Wanning Gibbous so back to 3/4, 7 is Last Half so were at the half stage now, 8 is the 1/4. Wanning Crescent and then they all repeat again.

I am A Expert

My Topic is important to space exploration because that's our cosmic neighbor we seen it and at that time we could only travel there and if we weren't interested we would have a lot incorrect information about our solar system.
The Purpose of 'Moon Tides and Phase's' is to tell you some information on this subject from games to dictionary's
The Moon was was discovered when the first ever thing look up at night and saw it and Werner Von Braun invented the rocketship that was used in apollo 11 to explore on the moon.
Werner Von Braun was important to this because if he hadn't built the RocketShip John F. Kennedy would have been wrong and his assassination would have been for nothing.
The United States and Russia was involved in the space race To see who can get to the moon and have more thing and weapons in space.
Russia had the satellite and the first person in space we had the first person on the moon and 2nd person in space.


Johnathan Neal

Dictionary (Ten Words and its definition)

1. (Apollo 11)- The mission to go to the moon and plant the US flag, also to beat the Russian’s in the space race.

2. (Space)- Everything, like all the planets, solar systems, galaxies, stars, basically everything.

3. (Earth)- The known planet with life and has the moon rotate around it and the earth rotates around the sun

4. (Astronomical Units)- The Measurement in space to see how far away one thing is from another in space, For example the moon is 5 A.U from earth.

5. (Moon)- What lights up the sky at night besides our light bulbs and light from technology.

6. (Gravity)- What keeps you standing on earth and not float up into space and die, also the thing that keeps the moon close enough to earth.

7. (Rotation)- What the earth does to give us night and day and lets us see the sun and the moon.

8. (Ocean Tides)- What you see those people at the beach on and the thing that the moons controls.

9. (Matter)- What everything Is made of from humans (you) to planets like the earth and the moon and the sun and others like that.

10. (Solar Eclipse)- when the sun and the moon line up with the earth in the middle.

Bookmark With Ten Facts

Johnathan Neal

Bookmark with 10 Fact’s

1. That about every month the moon finishes all of its phases

2. The Moon has 8 phase’s

3. The moon controls earths ocean waves

4. The Russians were the first to go to the moon in and unmanned spacecraft but the U.S.A was the first to send person to the moon

5. Neil Armstrong’s speech when he got to the moon was ‘’One Small step for man one giant leap for mankind’’

6. Right now it would cost a person who would want to go to the moon 100 million U.S dollars.

7. That Nasa went to the moon 6 successful times

8. The moon can cause slightly lengthening of the day

9. The moon lacks and Atmosphere

10. The Moon is in synchronous rotation