Math in the Garden

Using volume formula


After reflecting on my video on volume, I felt that it was informative to parents who were not familiar or have not worked with the volume formula. I felt that after viewing the video the parents may want more information on the project and more ideas on different materials to use for the "mini garden box". I felt that it gave a good introduction to the project, but I feel that most parents will still have questions, especially if they are not able to come up with the materials.

What did I learn? What did students learn?

More procedures...more research:

After viewing my video on volume, I felt that I should have put more instruction and procedures of how to build a garden box or more pictures of examples. In the future, I would do more research on making a how to video. I gave an overview but parents may want a more "how to" video to give them more ideas. I also felt that in the futures I would give a better description of volume by adding more visuals. I felt the students will be able to use this video to show their parents what they have been doing in class. I think for the students who have mastered the volume formula, this video is mainly to educate them about the garden box project. I think for students who need more instruction on the volume formula, this is an opportunity to review it at home and practice with parents. Students are learning how to begin brain storming about their garden box and deciding how much soil the box can hold.