by Alejandro Castillo

introduction to pharmacy

Pharmacist are people you go to get medicine that you were prescribed by your doctor because they are in charge of dispensing it to you.

About me

I personally think that I would be good at this career because I think that I have some of the skills that are needed to be a pharmacist because I have good communication skills and I like to work with computers. I also think that this career is what I am leaning towards because you get to walk around and talk to the people that come in to get prescriptions and I want something to do with the medical field.


In order to become a pharmacist you need to plan on going to a college or university for 2 to 4 years and taking chemistry and biology courses to graduate with your bachelors degree. A couple of duties that pharmacist are expected to complete is completing insurance forms and working with the insurance companies to ensure that the patients get the medicines they need , other duties pharmacist are expected to do is to instruct the patients they give medicine to is how and when to take it and any possible side effects it may cause them. As becoming a pharmacist you are expected to have good communication skills , computer skills and good interpersonal skills.