Engaging Students with ipads

Do Now: Answer the questions on the padlet

iPad Use and Questions: Please share how you currently use the iPad and any questions you might have about the iPad.

Feb. 2016 Agenda

ipad Uses:

App Ideas:

Books - Epic - Free reading app for students with over 10,000 Books

Flashcards - Quizlet - Free flashcard site with games and activities

Story Telling - ChatterPix - make pictures talk

Math Resources - Photo Math - Check math answers with an iPad

Rethinking the ipad:


  • Take pictures as an assignment
    • Document science experiments
      • Video or camera
  • Document camera replacement
  • Capture what is going on in the classroom
  • Alternative Assessment
    • Paper Slides
    • iPad Slides

White Board

Maps - Activity

  • Explore the world
  • Driving directions- Math and Science
  • Finding shapes around the world
  • Visit Famous places


  • Easy Note taking that you can share
  • Take notes with voice using microphone
  • Not a place for passwords

Green Screening Using Touchcast

Using the Touchcast App we will learn how to create amazing green screen videos and newcasts.

Live demo and then hands on play

Big image

Tips & Tricks Review:


  • General
    • Accessibility
      • Speech
        • Speak Selection
        • Speak Screen
      • Large Text
      • Guided Access
    • Side Switch
      • Mute or Lock Rotation
    • Photos
      • Make sure photos permissions
        • Privacy
          • Photos
      • Slideshow on…
  • Airplay
  • Taking a screenshot
  • Airdrop for sharing

Video Resources

Siri iPad How To
dotepub ipad
iBooks on iPad
Safari on ipad
Notes on ipad