Is My Teen Using Drugs?

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

In this article, you will find possible signs and symptoms of substance abuse. However, there is no one way to know for sure. Talking with your teen and including other professionals, such as counselors and their pediatrician, will begin an open dialogue about substance abuse and the dangers of substance abuse.
How To Tell if My Child Is Using Drugs Part 1: Personality and Attitude Changes

Possible Health Issues You May Notice In Your Teen

What should I Be Looking For in My Teen's Room or Car?

  • Different smells in their car.
  • The presence of bottles, pipes, or bongs
  • Unusual containers or wrappers
  • Appearance of unusual drug apparatuses, including pipes, rolling papers, small medicine bottles, eye drops, butane lighters, makeshift devices for for using drugs
Events : New Ways Kids are Hiding Drugs

How Do I Get Help For My Teen

Drug and alcohol use is definitely a sign that your child needs help. Teen drug addiction and teen drinking are serious problems in today’s society; if you suspect your child is using substances, especially if they are on prescribed medications, start seeking local help.

Some examples of help might include drug counseling, drug education classes available for both parents and students, and even drug treatment facilities when the use/abuse problem warrants this. It is helpful to have a trained professional assess the extent of the drug use/abuse problem and recommend the appropriate level of care. Each case is different and care should be catered to your specific needs. For more help with specific resources, feel free to contact one of our district crisis intervention counselors located on all secondary campuses.

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