Jaguar Update

Issue #7 Monday, September 13th

Jag Academy Starting Tuesday

Starting this Tuesday, September 14th our teachers will be available for Jag Academy on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 4:10-5:00 PM. Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies teachers will be available to offer help with homework, offer tutorials, and catch up on missing assignments. For our eligible bus riders, we will run a late bus that will leave WMJH at 5 PM to take your child to the designated drop-off spot.

Who: Students in Grades 6-8

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Where: LGI Classroom inside the Library

Why: Help with homework, make-up missing assignments, extra reading and math tutorials.

Teacher Tutorials

Next Thursday, September 23rd is the end of the first marking period. Students are encouraged to take advantage of Jag Academy and the posted tutorial times that teachers offer twice a week before the end of the first marking period. All football and volleyball players are reminded of the UIL No Pass, No Play rule. All student athletes must have at least a 70 average on their first marking period report card to participate in volleyball or football. Please check out the tutorial times below and have your son or daughter see his or her teacher for any extra help needed in class.

Campus Expectations for ID Cards and Tardies

Please remind your son or daughter to bring his or her ID and wear it each and every school day around his or her neck. Our campus and Katy ISD expectation is that all students will wear IDs to school and throughout the school day. Additionally, IDs are needed to go through the cafeteria line daily and to check out materials from the library.

It is very important that our students are on time to class each and every class period. When a student is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings, then he or she is marked tardy by the classroom teacher. Student consequences will begin once a student accumulates 4 tardies.

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Football Reminders

Reminder for game day meals--have your son bring a sack dinner, drop off dinner at front office, or order Jason's Deli.

7th grade ordering link--will take orders up to 24 hours before the game

8th grade ordering link--will take orders up to 24 hours before the game

All parents and students must purchase tickets online. They will not be taking cash at the gate.

One last note for game day: All Jaguars are expected to travel to the game as a team. A bus will be taking the boys home after their game back to WMJH for parent pickup.

Go Jags!!

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Legacy Parent Academy Sessions Katy ISD

Topic: The Ugly Truth About Vaping
Date: September 22, 2021
Time: 6:00- 7:00 pm
Location: Legacy Stadium

Upcoming Katy ISD Legacy Parent Academy Sessions:

October 20, 2021: Being an Upstander Against Bullying

November 10, 2021: Human Trafficking Awareness

January 19, 2022: Finding Balance in Our Digital World

February 16, 2022: Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

Counseling Resources:

Students petitioning to exit a KAP/High School Credit course must meet the following criteria:

· Conference with the teacher

· Completion of course assignments

· Attendance at recommended tutorials

Students experiencing success (able to maintain a C or better SEMESTER average) in the course will remain in the course for the semester.

High School Credit Courses:

September 20, 2021- Last day to drop.

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Student Password Resets

Katy ISD uses the MyKaty Cloud single sign on platform that allows students to access all District applications with one User ID and one password. In order to promote a safe and secure online learning experience, secondary students (grades 6-12) are requested to rest their password by September 15 by visiting the Katy ISD Password Self-Service webpage. After that, secondary students will be prompted to reset their single sign in password once every 180 days (about twice a year).

Campus Advisory Team Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in learning more about the planning and organization of the school? Would you be interested in being a member of the Campus Advisory Team? This group meets only four times a year for about an hour. The purpose of this group is to serve in an advisory capacity by being involved in decisions in areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development and school organization. We need parent and community representatives. Contact Mrs. Corn if you are interested or have questions. (281) 237-6406 or

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Free and Reduced Meals and Socioeconomic Forms

In preparation for the new school year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced on April 20 that all schools will be allowed to serve free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of eligibility, through June 30, 2022. While meals are free to everyone, it is important to still fill out a Free and Reduced Meal Application, as you may qualify for other benefits and discounts. Additional benefits may include:

Pre-K programs
Use of musical instruments for band and orchestra
Career and Technical Education certification exams
Summer Meals

Summer school tuition
Advanced Placement exams
SAT and ACT test fees
College application fees
Career and Technical Education fees

Free and Reduced Meal Benefit Applications are available online at To deposit funds online for a la carte purchases, please visit Pay N’ Go.

In addition, to ensure Katy ISD qualifies for eligible funding from the state during the extended free meal period through June 2022, Katy ISD is asking all parents to complete the Socioeconomic Income Form two-part questionnaire in the Annual Student Update. Submitting the questionnaire information will support Katy ISD in qualifying for additional state dollars to support our students’ continued academic and personal success during the upcoming school year.

The following updates are examples of content that has been added to the Safe Return to School Plan.

A measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 °F, PLUS one or more symptoms below, could be signs of potential contraction of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Sore Throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Exaggerated shivering
  • Significant muscle pain or ache
  • Diarrhea

If an individual has isolated under assumption of having COVID-19 or was identified as having close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, Katy ISD will not accept over the counter / home tests results for the individual to return to school / work before a 10-day isolation period.

COVID Self-Reporting App

The District’s online COVID-19 Reporting System allows staff, students, and parents to self-report if they have received a COVID-19 positive test result. The self-reporting system enables the District’s Emergency Operations Management team to conduct contact tracing, as well as call and notify individuals in Katy ISD buildings who may have been directly exposed to the person.

Student Classroom and Student Program Notification of a COVID Positive
Parents will receive a notification if their child may have been in close contact with an individual who has reported a COVID-19 positive in their classroom or school program. Parents are encouraged to check the Katy ISD COVID-19 Dashboard at to review the current active number of COVID-19 cases at their child’s campus.

Intermittent School to Home Academic Support

Students who attend in-person learning and test positive for COVID-19, elect to isolate due to COVID, or any other medical condition requiring an extended absence, will have access to the Intermittent Home to School learning option, allowing students to access and stay current on assignments through the Katy ISD Learning Management System (Canvas). Intermittent School to Home is not a virtual program, such as KVA, and students cannot exceed a total of 20 cumulative days utilizing this option.

Student Covid Testing

Katy ISD, in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency, continues to provide free Covid-19 testing to any school age student. Parental/Guardian permission is required for all students below the age of 18 prior to testing as well reservations to reserve a time slot for your student.

Katy ISD Agricultural Sciences Center Project Center

5801 Katy Hockley Cut-Off Rd

Katy, TX 77493

Hours of Operation

7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday

8 AM to 12 PM on Saturday


If you have additional questions please email related to this program.

WMJH Administrative Team

Todd Knobbe, Principal

Astrya Richard, Student Support Assistant Principal

Coming Soon, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Evelyn Lopez, 7th Grade Assistant Principal

Marci Radke, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

Pamela Ruderman, 8th Grade Counselor

Pearl Fiero, 7th Grade Counselor

Nathaniel Welch, 6th Grade Counselor

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