Hay Meadow

By: Gary Paulsen

By: Cadence H. :-)

Here are some things about me

I am 10 years,

my name is Cadence,

I love to read too!!

That is one reason why I read the book, plus my teacher, Ms.Laplant .

The author of this book is, Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is a really great writer, he doesn't write for a certain age group, he just writes to write.

another reason that I like his books is because his books are really discriptive (in a good way), plus he writes really good adventure book.

You will really love this book

This book is about a fourteen year old boy who had to watch his fathers flock of sheep during the summer, in the middle of nowhere, on the side of a mountain.

But the only problem was that there were coyotes, possibly wolfs, really bad storms, and flash floods. What Will He Do?

Here are some other little things too! (Down Below)

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