Town of Sunnyvale Jan. 5, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Who’s getting the vaccine now?

If you are a front-line healthcare worker or resident of a long-term care facility, you are eligible now to receive the vaccine. This group is considered Phase 1A.

If you are in Phase 1B, you are also eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, depending on availability and the vaccine provider. Vaccine supply remains limited, but more vaccine will be delivered to providers each week. Phase 1B recipients include:

  • People 65 years of age and older
  • People 16 years of age and older with at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19, such as but not limited to:
    • Cancer
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
    • Heart conditions, such as heart failure, coronary artery disease or cardiomyopathies
    • Solid organ transplantation
    • Obesity and severe obesity (body mass index of 30 kg/m2 or higher)
    • Pregnancy
    • Sickle cell disease
    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus

If you are in Phase 1A or 1B, please visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map to see if and where you might be able to get a vaccine today. (Click OK at the bottom of the screen. When the map appears, put in your zip code on the right side of the page.) Remember, your ability to get a vaccine today or this week will depend on vaccine availability at your provider’s office, clinic, or facility. Please call ahead to your provider.

Future phases have not yet been finalized.

Sunnyvale COVID cases

As of Jan. 5, 2021 Dallas County Health and Human Services is reporting 2,794 additional positive cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dallas County. There is a cumulative total of 182,156 confirmed cases (PCR test). There is a cumulative total of 22,218 probable cases (antigen test). A total of 1,698 Dallas County residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19 illness.

The latest data for Sunnyvale indicates that there have been 471 total cases. In the last two weeks, we have been notified of three deaths attributed to COVID-19. Currently, it is estimated that there are 71 active cases in Sunnyvale.

We ask that you please exercise extreme caution when in public. Wear a mask when around others and distance yourself at least six feet. Wash your hands often.

Help is available!

For a list of resources, please visit:

  • We’ve received some inquiries regarding the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affair’s Texas Eviction Diversion Program (TEDP) and Texas Emergency Rental Assistance Program (TERAP). TEDP is designed to provide an alternative to eviction and assist eligible tenants who are struggling to pay their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TDHCA has set aside funding within the rental assistance program specifically for the eviction diversion program. Please see the following web page for more information on TEDP and its pilot program:

  • Starting with the new year, Dallas County will be participating in the TERAP (Rental assistance) and households may contact (214.819.1968), ( for more information about how they can apply through Dallas County for assistance. Additional information regarding this state program can be reviewed here:

Reminder: Pay-by-phone is now available!

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Collins Road roundabout

For your safety and the safety of others, please view the informational diagram and video below on how to safely use the roundabout located on Collins Road.

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How to use a roundabout
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