Welcome to the Willow Tree Room

The Growing Tree

  • Recognize themselves in pictures or in the mirror and smile or make faces at themselves
  • Show intense feelings for parents and show affection for other familiar people
  • Play by themselves and initiate their own play
  • Express negative feelings
  • Show pride and pleasure at new accomplishments
  • Imitate adult behaviors in play
  • Show a strong sense of self through assertiveness, directing others
  • Begin to be helpful, such as by helping to put things away

A Typical Day Schedule; this schedule is a "rough" schedule. throughout the day are diaper changes or potty breaks. The children may spend more time outside if weather allows it.

Arrival Time/Free Play

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Reading

10:00 Project Time(music, art)

10:30 Outside Time

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Nap

3:00 Snack

3:45 Outside Time

5:00 Free Time

What we work on in the Willow Tree room.

In the Willow Tree room we focus a great deal on trying to create positive relationships with our friends in the room, and learning how to interact with each other in a positive manner. We work on learning what feelings are (happy, sad, angry, etc.) And how to express those feelings appropriately. We encourage children to start using their words. The children start to learn independence in their play and by helping to get dressed and pick up toys on their own. We do have a small toilet in the room for those children that are ready for potty training.

Rules and Regulations;

- if a child has a fever, has vomited or has severe diarrhea they are not allowed to attend TGT. They may not attend until 24hrs has passed since their fever broke. Children may also not attend when they are on fever reducing meds for viral issues.

-if you need us to administer medicine you must fill out the "authorization to administer medicine," which is located right side of the front door. This form can only last up till a week.

-if your child requires ointment, sunscreen, chapstick, or lotions, you must fill out the ointment form which can last for 6 months.

What to Bring

-Please bring in all diapers, wipes, and any ointment.

-Please bring a small crib sheet and blanket for nap time. We use cots and must have the cot completely covered by a sheet. All napping material will be sent home on Fridays to be washed.

-The children go outside every day when weather allows. Please be sure to send your child in the appropriate clothing or winter gear. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL ARTICLES OF CLOTHING ARE LABELED.

-Please provide an extra change of clothes in your child's cubbies.

-Please provide a small labeled water bottle for your child. The water bottles should be taken home and washed regularly.