5th Grade Friday Update

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Successful Generosity Week!

Thank-you to all of you who brought in donations for our Snack Packs for Cass Community Services! We raised $235, as well as received around 65 pairs of hand warmers, 12 granola bars, and ziplock bags. We will use the funds to purchase granola bars and handwarmers for our snack packs. These will be assembled at our holiday parties. Mrs. Bond's class will have their party next Friday morning, while Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Cebulski's classes will have their parties on Tuesday, December 22.

Happy Computer Science Week (Hour of Code)

Mr. Hester has been working on coding with the students for several weeks using the Hour of Code website. In addition, the students were introduced to Bits Box, a site that allows kids to code apps. You can see some of it on www.katch.me/teambond. Take the time to check these sites out with your child, as they are very excited about the work they were able to complete. Mrs. Bond copied the Bits Box booklet and saved it as a pdf. in Edmodo, if your family would like to create additional apps! Mrs. Bond's class was even able to go to Mrs. Bonkowski's kindergarten class and have a coding buddy time!
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The 5th Grade Curriculum Update

*Math – next week we will be finishing up Unit 3 and taking the Checking Progress test. We will revisit adding and subtracting fractions again in Unit 5. The test is scheduled for Friday Dec 18, and Monday, Dec 21.

*Social Studies - This week we covered French settlements and the English settlement of Roanoke. We have begun learning about Jamestown and next week we will learn about Plymouth and the Thirteen Colonies. The students generated questions about colonial life, researched, and create posts on a Padlet wall. You can check out the Padlets below. The students took a pre-test for continents and oceans. To pass, the students had to correctly identify each of the continents and oceans. Only 16 students passed, so it is something that needs to be retaught and practiced, as this was taught at the beginning of 4th grade. A quiz will be given next week to those who did not pass.

*Science – We observed our aquariums this week and monitored the temperature and water level. Next week we will be adding snails and different aquatic plants. We will continue to observe the aquariums and then we will get the fish ready to take home.

*Language Arts – We are continuing to work on comprehension skills and strategies in our guided reading groups. We have been getting a lot of our cards in from our Holiday Card Exchange.

*Independent Reading –Students should be continuing to read for their goal of 600 pages this card marking which ends on January 15th.

*Words Their Way – We will be working on unit 25 next week.

Click Here to View the Colonial Wonders Padlet

I consolidated all 3 walls in one main Padlet.